YouTube, Gmail, and Other Google Services Went Dark For Almost One Hour (UPDATE)

UPDATE (9:00 PM): All services have recovered at around 8:52 PM, according to Google Status Workspace Dashboard. Read further for more details.



Users all over the world including Malaysia have reported that selected Google services are inaccessible at the moment. Among such services that we have verified ourselves include YouTube, Gmail and Google Drive.

For example, if you visit YouTube home page right now with your Google account logged in, you would be welcomed by the error message shown above. We were also not able to access the service via Android and iOS app under a similar condition:

However, when we visited the page once again without our account logged in through InPrivate mode on Edge as well as Chrome’s Incognito mode, the problem disappears.

Based on this, it seems that the outage might be related to Google Account. As for Google Drive, this was the error shown to us as it failed to load up the contents from the cloud storage:

When it comes to Gmail, we couldn’t even get the loading screen to appear:

While it took a while for the status to change, we then noticed at around 8:22 PM Malaysian time that the status for all Google services on Google Workspace Status Dashboard has turned red. As noted by the dashboard, all Google services have actually gone down at 7:55 PM.

We are keeping a close look at the situation and will update this story from time to time as it progresses.

This story is developing. Please refresh for the latest update.

UPDATE  1 (8:38 PM):

Latest update on Google Workspace Status Dashboard stated that Google services have been restored for some users at 8:31 PM:

UPDATE 2 (9:00 PM):

Google stated that all of its services have been restored almost all users at 8:52 PM Malaysian time as noted on Google Workspace Status Dashboard. At the same time, the status light for all of Google service on the dashboard has turned to green as well:

Meanwhile, Google didn’t provide any explanation regarding the outage which lasts for almost an hour. However, as we noted earlier, we do suspect that it was caused by some of the backend services that are related to Google Account, given to what we have noticed from the behaviour differences between the state of logged in and logged off for YouTube.

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