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YouTube says that Super Thanks lets fans support their favourite channels, while giving creators access to a new source of revenue. — AFP pic

SAN FRANCISCO, July 23 ― Tips aren’t just for waiters, it seems. Now, even YouTubers can earn spending money from their followers. This new option is currently being tested on YouTube, and could roll out on a larger scale at a later date.

With amounts of US$2 (RM8.44), US$5, US$10 or US$50, certain YouTube users can already try the platform’s new tool, offering a way of sending money to creators in the form of tips. This new feature, called Super Thanks, is currently being trialed, and has been deployed in beta version to certain users in 68 countries, only on the web version and iOS and Android applications of the platform.

Under each video, users will have the option to buy Super Thanks, giving rise to a virtual animation onscreen, as well as posting a comment with their name and the amount of the transaction made. Creators will be able to reply to these comments in the same way as with regular comments.

“Creators are at the heart of what we do here at YouTube, and we’re constantly exploring new ways to help them get started, grow their businesses and diversify their revenue. In fact, we offer a multitude of ways that creators can make money on our platform ― from running ads and selling merchandise to channel memberships and beyond. We’ve recently been experimenting with an applause feature that allows fans to show support for their favourite YouTube channels. Based on creator feedback, today we’re super excited to share that it’s expanding to even more viewers and creators ― along with a new name: Super Thanks,” explains the official YouTube announcement of the feature.

While no official launch date has been given, YouTube states that the Super Thanks feature will be available to all eligible creators in the YouTube Partner Program before the end of the year.

Twitter has already announced a similar option with Tip Jar, which lets users give money to others, and, since its launch, TikTok has integrated a function for gifting money to creators during their livestreams. ― ETX Studio

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