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Instagram announced the launch of the translation function for text in Stories via its official Twitter account. ― Picture courtesy of Instagram

SAN FRANCISCO, July 23 ― Instagram is hoping to break down language barriers on the platform with a new option for its Stories format. From now on, a user watching a Story with text will be able to translate the text featured in the video into another language.

Instagram has announced a new option for its Stories format to help users translate content into a different language. The “See Translation” option will join the effect and music used in a Story in being displayed in the top left of the screen. The translation option is currently available in over 90 languages and is expected to be rolled out globally.

When you’re watching a story with text, you’ll get a ‘See Translation’ notice if your set language is different than the one in the story.


When a language different from the one selected in the user’s phone settings is detected in an Instagram Story, the translation option should now be available. Users then simply click on “See Translation” to see the Story text translated into their preferred language.

For the moment, only written text featured in a Story can be translated into various languages, not the audio. Still, it wouldn’t be surprising to see this feature adapted to audio before too long. Like many social networks, Instagram has recently doubled down on features relating to audio on the platform. After launching automatic captioning for the IGTV format in September 2020, the social network unveiled the same feature for Stories in May 2021, while also suggesting that videos on users’ feeds could one day benefit from the same function.

It’s a trend that underscores the efforts being made by many social networks to make platforms welcoming for all users, as more accessible and inclusive places. This option could also help the advertising campaigns of brands and influencers reach wider audiences.

Note that automatic translation of text in posts, captions and profiles is already available on Instagram. ― ETX Studio

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