Wisma Putra keeping tabs on Malaysian couple on trial for child abuse in Norway | Malaysia

PUTRAJAYA, Oct 31 — The Foreign Ministry (Wisma Putra) today confirmed that a Malaysian couple, Hairi Muhamad and Norliha Khamis, are on trial in Norway for allegedly abusing their children.

 In a statement issued today, it said the Malaysian Ambassador in Stockholm, Sweden, who is also accredited to Norway, is monitoring development of the case.

“The Malaysian Embassy has also contacted the couple and provided them with consular service in accordance with the provisions of the Vienna Convention 1963,” it said.

According to Wisma Putra, the embassy is also working with the relevant local agencies to ensure the rights and welfare of the family is protected and the children are placed with Muslim families.

It has also instructed for an officer at the embassy to attend hearing of the couple’s case, from Nov 4 to 6.

Hairi, 42, a welding expert, and his wife, Norliha, 42, lost custody of their five children, aged between four and 16, since last May following investigation by the authorities after one of the children lodged a report.

In an interview with a local newspaper, Hairi’s brother, Hasrol, was alleged to have said that during last Ramadan, one of the children had told a teacher of feeling stressed because of the long hours of fasting (12 hours).

 According to Hasrol, the teacher might have possibly thought that the child was abused and reported the matter to the authority. — Bernama

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