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Bella Poarch tops the list of TikTok’s most viral videos of 2020. Her lip-sync has some 43.2 million ‘likes’ to date. — AFP pic

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec 4 — First Spotify, then YouTube and now TikTok. All the web’s most popular platforms are busy rounding up 2020 as the year-end nears. Helped by covid lockdowns and restrictions, TikTok stood out as the social network of the year, and it has now revealed its top 10 biggest viral videos of 2020.

The list is topped by a certain Bella Poarch, who was completely unknown this time last year.

Her lip-sync to the Millie B song, M to the B has gained practically 529 million views on TikTok.

Completely unknown just one year ago, the American viral video star Bella Poarch has become something of a sensation on the application and contributed greatly to increasing the platform’s popularity worldwide. Her video logically tops the list of the top 10 biggest viral videos of the year on TikTok.

The ranking is based on both views and impact, giving a better picture of which videos made the most buzz on the video-sharing social network. Thanks to her newfound fame, Bella Poarch has gone on to score collaborations with stars like James Charles or the rapper Tyga.

In second place comes Nathan Apodaca, better known under his pseudonym of 420DoggFace208, who saw his life change completely when his video went viral. The 37-year-old filmed himself skateboarding to work while his truck was out of action, sipping on Ocean Spray cran-raspberry juice and listening to Dreams by Fleetwood Mac.

The video proved a viral hit, which sent the 1977 song hurtling back into the Billboard Hot 100. Juice brand Ocean Spray even gifted him a Nissan Frontier 2020 truck to thank him for the huge amount of publicity it gained from his video.

The third biggest viral video is representative of 2020 and the mass of people forced to work from home due to the covid-19 pandemic. TikTokker Caitlin Reilly, aka itscaitlinhello, parodied “that coworker you hate” and how they behave during video meetings — a situation the social network’s users clearly identified with.

Will Smith can be found in fifth place with his Wipe it down challenge. In ninth place, Julian Bass caught Disney executive chairman Robert Iger’s attention with his impressive special effects video.


Top 10 biggest viral videos on TikTok in 2020

1. @bellapoarch — Bella Poarch lip-syncing to the Millie B track M to the B.

2. @420Doggface208 — Nathan Apodaca aka DoggFace skateboarding and sipping juice to Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams.

3. @itscaitlinhello — A parody of that coworker you hate on a Zoom call.

4. @nba — Jalaiah’s performance at the NBA All-Star Game.

5. @willsmith — Will Smith does the “Wipe it down” challenge, Men in Black style.

6. @awa_de_horchata_uwu — When covering a jingle from a Russian cereal ad goes viral.

7. @lizemopetey — A conversation between God and an angel about dinosaurs.

8. @iamtabithabrown — Turn your carrots into bacon.

9. @thejulianbass — A TikToker turns superhero with special effects.

10. @hartyt_ — Goose got the moves. — AFP-Relaxnews

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