U Mobile Customers Are Facing Service Disruption At The Moment (UPDATED)

U Mobile customers might be facing difficulties in using the telco’s service at the moment. The service disruption was revealed by the telco’s disgruntled customers through social media.


Based on the tweets and Facebook posts from customers, it seemed that they have begun facing connectivity issue since a few hours ago. According to these customers, U Mobile’s connection seemed to have disappeared altogether as indicated by the “No Service” or “SOS Only” status on their phones.

Here is an example from Twitter user @dingrogudjarin in Ipoh who noticed the disruption at around 4:50 PM today:

Since U Mobile didn’t make any official announcement regarding it, the true nature of the disruption is not yet known for now. However, it has acknowledged the disruption in some of the replies to customers although no recovery time was provided by the telco in those responses.

Meanwhile, we will keep you updated once we hear more. So, stay tuned.

This is a developing story. Please refresh this post for the latest update.

UPDATE (9:39 PM):

In a response to a customer at 9:29 PM, U Mobile’s customer service’s agent stated that the estimated time to recovery at the moment is 4 hours:

Based on that reply, that means the issue should be rectified by 1:30 AM. However, in another tweet at 9:45 PM, the telco claimed that it has managed to restore its services back to normal:

Given that U Mobile has yet to provide a proper official statement regarding the disruptions that are being experienced by its customers, we are not so sure about the accuracy of the status updates that are provided by the telco’s customer service’s agents.

Hence, if you are one of those U Mobile customers that are affected by the downtime, do try to restart your device from time to time and see whether that would get you back into the network or otherwise.

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