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Twitter is scrapping its Fleets format, August 3. — AFP pic

SAN FRANCISCO, July 24 ― There are now filters for everything, it seems! If you’re a fan of using filters to edit photos on social media, then you might also enjoy dabbling with voice effects. Following the launch of voice tweets on Twitter, the platform is apparently already working on the idea.

With the rise of audio on social networks, platforms are getting creative to find all sorts of ways to keep users coming back. While Twitter recently rolled out auto captions for voice tweets, the platform has now revealed that it’s now working on voice filters for Spaces, its group audio rooms. The news appears to be confirmed by Danny Singh, who works on research and strategy for Twitter and Spaces:


Taking the cringe out of hearing your own voice

The new tool, which appears to be named “Voice Transformer,” would let people use all manner of different effects to change the way they sound on Twitter.

This function could prove handy for users who don’t like to hear their own voice, which often sounds different from our own perceptions. Such apprehension could potentially prevent certain users from trying voice tweets or participating in Spaces audio rooms. However, voice effects could reduce any such anxiety and encourage more users to try out Twitter’s audio functions. The TikTok application already offers similar options, by which users can modify their voiceover with a selection of modes.

Although “Voice Transformer” ― which is still in test phase ― could bring a fun twist to audio on Twitter, the platform will also have to beware of trolls, who could use the function to better mask their identity in the platform’s chat rooms. ― ETX Studio

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