Transform Your Living Room Into A Gaming Arena With Samsung Neo QLED TVs

It goes without saying that a truly immersive gaming experience is never complete without a worthwhile display and sound system. What if we told you that you can easily obtain both of these aspects and more with just one platform that could truly transform your living room into a home-based gaming arena?

Meet the Neo QLED smart TVs, Samsung’s newest addition to its QLED TV line-up that was launched in 2017, and an evolution of its cutting edge quantum dot LED display and Quantum Processor technology. These consist of two 8K models; the QN900A and QN800A, as well as two 4K models; the QN90A and QN85A – with varying display sizes ranging from 55 to 85 inches.

For the uninitiated, QLED tech utilises microscopic molecules known as quantum dots that, when hit by light, emit their own differently coloured light. In QLED TVs, the dots are contained in a film and the light that hits them is provided by an Direct Full Array LED backlight.

This in turn enables Samsung QLED televisions, the pioneer of its kind, offer viewers with visuals of extraordinary resolutions, vivid colours, crisp HDR details and, an unbelievably wide viewing angle – regardless of your living room’s lighting condition. Most importantly, the technology also eliminates any risk of image burn-ins – a flaw that is commonly found on current LCD, and even OLED displays.

The newer Samsung Neo QLED TVs, on the other hand, takes the step further by replacing the direct array with a Mini LED backlight. This comprises of tens of thousands tiny LEDs that are 1/40 the height of conventional ones which offers a more precise brightness control. Thanks to Samsung’s Quantum Matrix Technology and Neo Quantum Processor, the visuals are further enhanced to perfection with advanced AI – enabling for better colour vibrancy, HDR details, and even accurate image upscaling.

It’s worth noting that the new Samsung Neo QLED TVs are also the first ever television series to receive certification for Gaming TV Performance from Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker (VDE).

Packed with plenty of advanced technology and features, Samsung’s Neo QLED TVs will certainly present you with unprecedented visual and audio enhancements not just for gaming – but for an ultimate home cinema experience. And of course, being smart TVs, you can expect the Neo QLED series to also come with a slew of onboard features to enhance your smart home experience – allowing you to control all of your IOT-enabled devices and appliances from the comfort of your living room!

Excited? Here are the various key features you can expect from the Korean tech giant’s new all-powerful TV series that you should take note of:

Prominent, Yet Still Minimal

Samsung Neo QLED TV 8K 4K Gaming Arena

Gone are the days where you need plenty of space in order to accommodate television sets that are larger than 50-inches. Thankfully, Samsung fully realises this and takes its smart TVs, especially the Neo QLED series, to another level in terms of design.

All four models, regardless of their varying sizes, are presented in a minimalist design that takes only a fraction of your living room space, thanks to their remarkably thin and sleek form factor. Guaranteeing a full sense of visual immersion, each of the displays featured on the Neo QLED TVs are presented with thin bezels which enables for an impressively large screen-to-body ratio.

Especially for the QN900A & QN95A TVs is the accompanying Samsung Slim One Connect Box that acts as a central hub for cables such as ethernet, HDMI, USBs and so on. This fundamental yet compact accessory allows for a cleaner aesthetic, which further complements the series’ minimalist approach by keeping all of the necessary cables and wiring away from the main TV unit. Furthermore, the box can also be attached to the back of the TV stand in order to reduce the amount of surrounding clutter.

As with most modern-day television sets, the Neo QLED series also features the option for wall mounting. For this purpose, you can opt to purchase the Slim Fit Wall Mount by Samsung which lets you install your QLED TV even closer to the wall – resulting in a thin profile and neat look.

Powered By Quantum Tech

The new Samsung Neo QLED TVs feature true 4K and 8K resolution via Quantum Mini LEDs which can project crisp images with better contrast, 100% colour volume and less blooming on screen. With the inclusion of the HDR10+ dynamic technology, the display is also capable of producing true-to-life visuals by optimising colours and contrasts to each scene – therefore making dark areas darker and bright areas brighter. Needless to say, you can fully expect video game graphics to pop with tremendous amount of detail, vividness and fluidity on screen.

Are you lacking a gaming machine that can output 4K resolution or higher? Well, there’s no need to worry there – all thanks to the TV series’ Quantum Matrix Technology and the onboard Neo Quantum Processor. With 16 different neural network models trained in AI upscaling and deep learning technology, Samsung Neo QLED TVs are capable of converting Full HD or lower resolution images to be optimised to 4K or 8K with no noticeable loss of quality!

A Whole New Perspective

Other than that, the new Samsung TVs include a variety of smart features that can further enhance your gaming experience to even greater heights… or rather, widths!

Super Ultrawide GameView allows images to be displayed in 21:9 and 32:9 ultra-wide aspect ratios – imperative for gaining a wider field of view for games including first and third-person shooters, as well as driving or flight simulators. Ensuring that the visuals remain unhindered by minor graphical annoyances or hindrances is the FreeSync Premium Pro feature which eliminates screen tearing and even stuttering.

Sound Immersion Like No Other

The Neo QLED series actually does more than just provide amazing visuals for your overall viewing pleasure. Also featured are audio enhancement features that enable for an optimised, realistic and truly immersive surround sound, especially when paired with the latest Samsung Q Series soundbar.

One of features is the Object Tracking Sound (OTS) Pro feature, which outputs sound that dynamically and accurately corresponds to the movement of objects on screen. This means that you can hear the action exactly where it’s happening – from all corners of the TV, including the center.

Meanwhile, the onboard SpaceFit Sound feature automatically analyses the physical environment around the TV and then auto-calibrates its audio to its optimal settings. Basically, this enables the Samsung Neo QLED series to accordingly output immersive sound that has been tailored specifically to your living room, regardless of where and how you place your TV!

More Than Just Entertainment

Samsung Neo QLED TV 8K 4K Gaming Arena

Traditional TVs often serve a limited purpose: entertainment. But with Samsung’s Neo QLED series and their incredible list of onboard smart features, you can expect to do more than just gaming or watching movies.

Save yourself the trouble of shifting locations in order to fulfill certain tasks on your home or office computer by utilising the PC on TV feature. True to its namesake, this function enables you to remotely access your PC or laptop via Wi-Fi from the comfort of your own living room! 

Simply connect a compatible mouse and keyboard to your TV, and you’re all set. Since you’re already here, don’t forget that you can stream your PC games to the TV as well!

Want to keep up with friends and family, or attend a virtual meeting? With the aid of an optional USB camera, you’ll be able to host or join video conferencing sessions via Google Duo, which is readily available on the TV itself.

Lastly we have the extremely handy Multi View feature, which allows you to display multiple screens simultaneously once on your TV. Here you can view media from different sources such as an onboard app, PC screen, game console or even your phone – all in one screen!

Time For An Upgrade?

Sleek, highly advanced, and packed with monumental visual and audio capabilities, the new Samsung smart TVs are definitely the essential choice for both gamers and home entertainment enthusiasts alike.

For more information or if you’re interested in acquiring your own Neo QLED TV, please visit Samsung Malaysia’s official website. Also, don’t forget to follow its official Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages for the latest updates!

This article is brought to you by Samsung Malaysia.

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