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An upcoming Playlists function on TikTok could help users foster engagement by using a succession of videos to create longer content. ― AFP pic

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SAN FRANCISCO, March 31 ― Here’s a new TikTok function that could prove highly useful. The social network is reportedly poised to roll out an option for creating playlists, letting users group together videos in collections on various themes. It could prove a helpful way of finding videos more easily, although some rules and restrictions apply.

Currently, the Playlists option is only available to a handful of creators, reports Social Media Today. As the influencer Jera Foster-Fell explains in her own TikTok video, the chosen few noticed a new “Sort into playlists” tab appear on their profile pages. Clicking on this takes the user to a “Create playlists” page where they can name the playlist, add the TikTok videos and choose the running order.

But this new easy-to-use function does come with some restrictions. For example, only public videos can be added to playlists. Plus, a single TikTok video can’t be added to several playlists at once. Users will therefore have choices to make when creating playlists and organizing content.

Once created, playlists will be available on the creator’s profile page and accessible to all users of the social network. According to information reported by Social Media Today, TikTok plans to roll out the Playlists option to all the platform’s users, although it has not given a timescale of when this might happen.

The Playlists option could turn out to be particularly useful for brands and influencers looking to boost the visibility of their product promotions. While TikTok is busy bringing various innovations to its platform, these video playlists are nonetheless reminiscent of the Stories Highlights on Instagram user accounts. ― ETX Studio

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