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Samsung Jetbot Mop costs US$299 in the USA. — Picture courtesy of Samsung

SEOUL, Sept 18 — When it comes to new home appliances, Samsung’s recently unveiled JetBot Mop really stands out from the rest. In theory, this little robot can mop your place from floor to ceiling. In practice, the autonomous cleaning, like that of connected vacuums, will only truly concern the floors. To mop your walls and windows, you will have to switch to manual cleaning mode.

The JetBot Mop comprises a water dispenser and two rotating pads that mop and polish. It offers several cleaning modes, adapted to surface types (hardwood, tile, laminate, vinyl).

It boasts a 100-minute range, however, its water dispenser will need to be refilled after 50 minutes. Note that its various pads are also adapted to different types of floors.

Like connected vacuums, Samsung’s Jetbot Mop is fully autonomous and can also be operated with a remote control. Thanks to its sensors, it automatically navigates around the house, avoiding furniture and carpets. Its system features sensors for stairs and other obstacles.

While Jetbot Mop can mop the floors with full autonomy, you will have to switch to a manual mode to clean walls and the windows.

This robot is already available in the USA for US$299 (approximately RM1,233). — AFP-Relaxnews

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