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La Vitre is a ground-breaking interactive video-conferencing tool. — Picture courtesy of La Vitre

SEPT 13 — Here is some news that is set to rock the world of corporate video conferencing. A French start-up has developed a tool that allows you to meet colleagues for stand-up meetings, no matter where they are in the world, and to work with them using an interactive screen. Christened La Vitre, the new communications solution has already won over a number of blue-chip customers.

Taking video conferencing to a new level of simplicity, La Vitre offers the gift of ubiquity to fellow workers who are not on site, enabling them to work with colleagues in a natural and intuitive manner.

With regard to its form factor, the La Vitre solution is composed of a very large vertical touch screen, which is equipped with a camera, a microphone and speaker. All of this is contained in one unit to facilitate it being moved around the office.

When using La Vitre, remote colleagues appear as life-size images, which give you the impression that they are really there. The overall effect is much more immediate than a standard video conference organized via Skype, Google Meet or Zoom. To launch a meeting, users simply have to “knock” on the touch screen as they would on a door.

The real strength of La Vitre is its interactive screen, which allows you to write on it and to correct text, using a finger or a stylus. Better still, it also allows you to display files from your smartphone, exactly as you might at a face-to-face meeting. This functionality is also open to files from computers, tablet computers or any other device that is connected to the internet. Once they have been inserted, displayed files can be re-dimensioned as required. Finally, to facilitate international meetings, La Vitre is equipped with an automated translation system that allows for communication between 30 different languages.

For those who wish to take advantage of the new system, La Vitre provides bespoke estimates that take into account the needs of individual companies. At the same time, future customers should plan for a minimum subscription of €200 per month. More than one hundred La Vitre solutions have already been installed in French blue-chip companies, notably Bouygues Construction, Capgemini and TF1.

For more information on La Vitre:  — ETX Studio

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