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Nemeio is an entirely customisable keyboard that uses E-paper technology to display and exchange characters. ― Screengrab via YouTube

PARIS, Nov 12 ― For several years, French startup Nemeio has been working on a keyboard prototype that’s not only portable but also fully customisable. Thanks to E-paper screen technology, the appearance of each key can be switched at any time, making the keyboard perfectly adaptable to different alphabets. Shortcuts are customisable too, and can be set in relation to the software used (office apps, photo editing, etc.). The keyboard is on sale now via the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform.

The keyboard uses an E-paper screen to display and exchange the characters, icons or symbols users allocate to its 81 keys. Plus, it’s designed for use anywhere, with cable or wireless (Bluetooth) connections. It’s above all billed as a global, universal solution, since it can theoretically be tailored to suit any language or alphabet. Each key is fully customisable, as well as the keyboard shortcuts.

Users can configure different keyboards for working in different languages, but also for the various software programmes they work with. The same goes for shortcuts, making Nemeio, by definition, a unique keyboard in the world. It aims to let users switch from one configuration to another quickly and easily, as and when needed.

After being presented at CES, the famous Consumer Electronics Show held each year in Las Vegas, USA, the keyboard is now available to buy priced from US$239 (RM987.50) via Kickstarter. However, the first shipments aren’t expected before September 2021. When it launches officially, the keyboard is due to sell for US$399.― AFP-Relaxnews


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