Streets Of Rage 4 To Get New Characters As Paid DLC

It’s been almost a year since Streets of Rage 4 was released. Now, The game is set to get a paid DLC set called Mr X Nightmare. And as part of this DLC, three new playable characters will be added to the game.


The first of the three characters coming to Streets of Rage 4 has been revealed to be Estel Aguirre. First showing up as a boss character, she later joins the protagonists following plot events near the end of the story. There’s some some gameplay in the announcement trailer, which also shows some new moves for the existing characters. In the case of Axel Stone, it’s more of a returning move as his new move looks like Dragon Wing from previous games.

At the end of the trailer, in addition to Estel, we see the silhouettes of two more characters coming to Streets of Rage 4 via the Mr X Nightmare DLC. The second one looks like it could be Max Thunder. If it really is Max, then by technicality he’s not new, since you can play his legacy SoR2 version. But it’s always nice to see a classic character getting a new coat of paint like the Axel, Blaze and Adam. The other one could be a modern Dr Gilbert Zan, simply because he makes an appearance in the trailer itself.

Unfortunately, there’s no release date for the DLC just yet. But when it lands, Streets of Rage 4 will also get additional content via a free update. This includes a new Mania + difficulty level, a training mode with tutorials, and new color palettes for each character.

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