Police Sentri Lets You Play The Game From Your Childhood Days On Your Phone

If you were a millennial, you probably spend some time in your childhood playing games of Police and Thieves after school. Now, with Police Sentri, you can do so on your phone.

The game is made by a Malaysian dev team called Studio Kamii, and is currently in early access on the Google Play Store. Up to eight players can join in the game, and they will be assigned the role of either policeman or robber. The former wins if they manage to catch all of the latter. For the latter to win, all they have to do is evade capture until time runs out.

Adding more modern twists to the game, Police Sentri allows robbers to free captured allies to level up. The police, on the other hand, levels up by capturing leveled-up robbers. Higher levels grant a speed boost. Then there are other items like disguises and banana peels to spice up the game even further.

Now that all that is out of the way, I’ll just say that the name Police Sentri triggers me to no end. We’ve all heard the name Police and Thieves getting corrupted into countless other forms, like Police Sentry and Police Entry. Part of me wants to chalk it up to English illiteracy for the name. But regardless, the corrupted name has become another version of the cultural variant of Cops and Robbers.

At any rate, you can download the game via the Google Play Store, linked below. It’s probably also worth mentioning that while it’s free to play, it does have some ads.

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