Parking, bike share, taxis: Will we soon be able to pay for everything in Google Maps? | Tech/Gadgets

Google Maps can integrate parking meter service Passport in Austin, Texas. — Picture courtesy of Passport via AFP-Relaxnews

LOS ANGELES, Sept 4 — Google Maps is integrating more and more services into its platform, from bike sharing to street parking and car battery charging. While most of these services reroute to a dedicated app once selected, the next step for Google will be to integrate service payments directly in Maps. The city of Austin, Texas, is already testing payment of parking meters directly on the platform.

Google Maps went from a straightforward mapping and geolocation service to a sprawling platform. As Maps enables access to an increasing number of services, most of the times users are rerouted to dedicated applications.

But Google would like to consolidate it all, by providing a payment service without the user exiting Maps. Google is already testing this new integrated feature in Austin, Texas, thanks to local parking service Passport. Drivers can now pay directly in Maps, via Google Pay.

In a near future, Google Maps will be able to integrate dozens of services, therefore limiting the need to download multiple third-party apps. — AFP-Relaxnews

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