Niantic Labs Teases Its Own AR Glasses

Niantic Labs is a company that’s known these days mostly for the mobile game Pokemon Go. But these games have an AR component that’s the best way to enjoy these games, but chew through your phone’s battery. Though the company CEO has tweeted an image teasing what could be the solution to this problem.

John Hanke, CEO of Niantic Labs, tweeted an image of what looks like a pair of glasses. The tweet even comes with the caption describing “new kinds of devices that leverage our platform”.

Of course, the image of just glasses by the Niantic CEO leaves a lot up to speculation. It could be the full on AR glasses like Google Glass and HoloLens. The latter is also not impossible, considering what happened earlier in the month. And while that would be ideal, it could also go the other way and just be headphone glasses. And it’s actually more probably, considering the simple-looking lens.

The image of the teaser comes with the Niantic branding. Though according to Engadget, the company previously said that it had “no plans” to make its own hardware. And the company even claimed that the Pokemon Go AR demo with the HoloLens was just a proof of concept, and not for consumer use. Hopefully with this tweet, this changes.

(Source: John Hanke / Twitter via Engadget)

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