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Motorola has sent out invitations to a product reveal on November 13. — Picture courtesy of Motorola
Motorola has sent out invitations to a product reveal on November 13. — Picture courtesy of Motorola

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct 19 — Since early this year, rumours have been circulating about the possibility of Motorola resurrecting the classic Rarz as a smartphone with a folding display.

On Thursday those rumours were more or less confirmed when the company sent out invitations for an event where a “reinvented icon” will be revealed.

On Thursday, Motorola began sending out invitations to a product reveal event on November 13 captioned with the tagline “An original unlike any other.”

The invitation consists of an obscure gif of a device — which is presumed to be the highly rumoured folding display Razr — being opened and closed.

Vague details about the event — like audience members will enjoy “a journey through immersive experiences” — complemented the clip.

This device, if it is the anticipated redesigned Razr, has been rumoured for months now. The Wall Street Journal reported in January that the device could go on sale as soon as February.

Though the timeline was incorrect, the details — including its probable US$1,500 (about RM6,279) price tag, vertically folding display, 200,000-unit manufacturing cap — about the phone could still retain accuracy.



In April, a rendering of the model was published to Slashleaks after the image was promptly removed from the Chinese social media site Weibo.

Based on this image, the device could have nearly the exact same form factor as the original Razr of the 2000s except that the display spans from the top of the upper clamshell to the chin of the bottom one.

Unlike Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and Huawei’s Mate X, which have so far defined the folding display smartphone market albeit barely hitting the market, this updated Razr will open upwards instead of horizontally.

Instead of doubling as a tablet like the others, this will likely just unfold to reveal a conventionally sized smartphone display.

The unveiling event will take place on November 13 in LA. — AFP-Relaxnews

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