MDEC Launches RM100 Million Initiative To Subsidise Tech Professionals And Businesses

The Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) announced an RM100 million training and hiring incentive program called MyDigitalWorkForce Work In Tech (MYWIT) aimed at developing quality tech talent and boosting the digital business services sector in Malaysia.


According to MDEC, the programme will benefit over 300 companies within these sectors and create an estimated 6,000 job opportunities with the aim of producing at least 1,000 quality tech talents. This dovetails with the government’s Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint (MyDIGITAL), which strives to create 500,000 jobs by 2025.

MyWIT consists of two components – the Digital Business Services (DBS) and Digital Tech Apprenticeship (DTA) initiatives.

DBS is aimed at incentivising companies that hire fresh graduates or unemployed Malaysians for digital business services roles – offering a minimum incentive between RM9,800 and RM20,600 per employee. For each employee, this incentive will split into two parts – the salary incentive, which will cover 40% of the employee’s monthly wage for six months (minimum salary of RM2,000) and an RM5,000 training incentive.

DTA, on the other hand, is targeted at companies that hire unemployed Malaysians for high-demand tech jobs in areas such as data science, software development, and cybersecurity – offering a total incentive package of RM15,200 per employee. This constitutes a salary incentive of RM1,200 per month for a period of six months and a training incentive worth RM8,000 per employee. Employers will be expected to pay a minimum salary of RM3,000 from the fourth month onwards.

Markus Spiske / Pexels

To apply for the DBS and DTA incentives, companies must be incorporated in Malaysia and must be committed to offering employment for a minimum of 12 months. The maximum hiring quota is set at 500 pax for DBS and 50 for DTA.

At the same time, individuals seeking to benefit from MyWiT must be Malaysian citizens, and must not be a current or past beneficiary of any of MDEC’s MyWiT incentives or part of PenjanaKerjaya 2.0 and Penjana KPT-CAP programmes. DBS is open to fresh graduates, unemployed and retrenched individuals while the DTA is open to the unemployed and retrenched employees.

For more information about the MyWIT programme, you may visit its official webpage.

(Source: MDEC. Text images: rupixen / pixabay, Markus Spiske / Pexels.)

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