Life’s a meme: After the Apple keynote, Tim Cook becomes a meme on Twitter (VIDEO) | Tech/Gadgets

Apple CEO Tim Cook stands with the all-new iMac lineup, in this still image from the keynote video of a special event at Apple Park in Cupertino, California released April 20, 2021. ― Apple Inc/Handout via Reuters

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SAN FRANCISCO, April 22 ― Twitter is once again witnessing a plethora of creativity in tech memes. This time, it’s Tim Cook, the boss of Apple, who has inspired web users during the brand’s first keynote of the year 2021. The cause? An impressive appearance in a Mission: Impossible-style video to announce the new iPad Pro processor. The sly smile of the CEO was given a wide variety of treatments on the social network. Which made us smile too. This is our top meme of the week.

On Tuesday, the Apple boss was the undisputed star on social networks. While the Apple brand unveiled its new products, including the new generation of iMac and iPad Pro as well as the much-awaited AirTags during its first keynote of the year 2021, web users were largely commenting on another aspect of this presentation. And for good reason. With this keynote highly anticipated by Apple fans, web users were able to discover a very special video in the form of an action movie trailer to reveal the new M1 processor of the iPad Pro.

At the 36 minute and 37 second mark of “Spring Loaded” event, a spy-like character appears on screen. He is seen breaking into the Apple campus and moving through the company’s ventilation corridors. In a succession of fast-paced action scenes, the character manages to penetrate a room filled with MacBooks and protected by laser beams. There he recovers the M1 chip and finally reaches another room in the company. The spy then inserts this chip into an iPad before revealing his true face, which is none other than Tim Cook.

This elaborate staging to announce the new version of the iPad Pro gave rise to a flurry of memes each more humorous than the previous one. If this short excerpt of barely 2 minutes has generated so much talk on Twitter, it’s because of the sly little smile of the Apple boss. With or without the hashtag dedicated to the event, #AppleEvent, web users were amused by the little grin with comments such as: “Tim looking at my wallet,” “Tim looking at my bank account” or even “When your hungry stomach finds some snacks in the fridge at 2 AM.” Tim looking at my wallet #AppleEvent 








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