KFC Warns Of Women’s Day Scam That Uses Its Branding

KFC has alerted the public about an ongoing scam that uses a fake KFC Women’s Day survey to apparently steal personal data. The ‘survey’ is apparently being circulated on social media and messaging platforms like WhatsApp.

From a sample image posted by KFC on its Facebook page, it seems that users who click on a link provided by the scammers will be redirected to a blogspot page, where they have three tries to pick the correct gift box.

Those who succeed stand to win “KFC’s Chiken bucket, KFC’s Giftcards, KFC’s Family feast and much more.” Needless to say, the fact that “chicken” is misspelled clearly screams that this is a scam. Also, why would KFC refer to its offerings in third person?

Interestingly enough, a similar version of this scam is also circulating in India right now. But instead of KFC, The Independent said brand names like Amazon and Adidas are being used by scammers.

Again, the modus operandi is the same: people are given three tries to find the correct gift box. They’re also redirected to tellingly suspicious websites (as opposed to official company websites) riddled with glaring lingual errors.

In those cases, the objective is to collect browser and system data from the user’s device – that may not be case for this latest scam in Malaysia if users are tricked into willingly divulging information.

Regardless, like KFC said, always refer to official channels (look for a blue tick or equivalent) for information. And watch out for spelling / grammatical errors and suspicious URLs.

(Source: KFC, The Independent.)

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