Interior northern Sarawak hit by floods

MIRI: Floods have inundated the interior parts of northern Sarawak with the districts and sub-districts of Baram, Mulu and Marudi seriously affected.

Community elders are calling on the relevant agencies to deploy help fast after dozens of populated settlements were hit by floods on Monday (Dec 21).

Baram Peoples Action Committee chairman Philip Jau said many longhouses in Baram are seeing waters reaching one metre high.

“The floods are fast-rising with very heavy rain falling daily.

“Places like Long Panai, Long Terawan and all the way to Mulu and Tutoh Apoh areas are also flooded.

“The affected communities need urgent help,” he said.

In Mulu National Park, Berawan community leader Willie Kajan said there are dozens of riverine settlements affected by the floods.

“There are hundreds of people in each of these settlements. Water has overflowed the riverbanks of the entire length of Sungai Tutoh already,” he said, adding that the heavy rain looks set to worsen.

Sarawak is facing the full-scale onslaught of the “landas” season that brings torrential rain that causes floods.

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