Intel Seemingly Forgot To Publish Graphics Drivers For 11th Generation CPUs

Intel’s 11th generation Rocket Lake-S desktop CPUs are now available to the general public. However, it seems to have forgotten to publish one crucial piece of software for the lineup; the fact that it has yet to publish the graphics drivers for its CPUs, seems to have slipped its mind.


If you’ve already gotten your hands on one of the CPUs and if you head over to the official drivers page on Intel’s website, you’ll find that all 11th generation CPUs from the 11900K downwards do not have official graphics driver available for download. In fact, all that is available is Intel’s Performance Maximiser utility.

The lack of integrated graphics drivers is a little perplexing, especially when one considers that the graphics cores within Rocket Lake CPUs are essentially carbon copies of already existing hardware – specifically, they’re a carry forward from the Tiger Lake laptop CPUs – and really do not require anything but certification.

The good news is that Intel is aware of the issue and Lisa Pearce, Director of Graphics at the company, tweeted last week that drivers for the integrated graphics will be posted tomorrow, which is possibly a Tuesday for us. On the off-chance that you can’t wait till then, there is also a workaround.

Simply search for the relevant Intel graphics drivers – officially called UHD 750 – online, and then proceed to install it manually, with the help of the Windows driver installation tool.

(Source: Techspot)

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