Instagram Launches Parents Guide In Malaysia To Teach Digital Literacy

Instagram just launched a Parents Guide for Malaysian users, aimed at educating parents about the features of the app. Done in collaboration with the local non-governmental association, the Mental Illness Awareness & Support Association (MIASA) Malaysia, the whole idea is to get parents digitally literate enough to keep their children safe on the platform as well as ensure their children have a positive experience.

The guide, which is available in English and Malay, is a free online booklet which runs parents through things like account privacy, messaging controls, managing comments, restricting or blocking people, where and how to report unacceptable behaviour – stuff that may be second nature to Gen-Z netizens but confusing to older folks.

The booklet was launched in conjunction with the continuation of Instagram’s #RealTalk campaign – an initiative started last November to normalise and encourage conversations about mental well-being among young people. Instagram decided to extend that campaign by including parents, who play a key role in destigmatising mental well-being issues among teens and children.

The campaign has also managed to rope in Upin & Ipin, the twins from the local hit animation series and movies by Les Copaque to help expand its reach:

For parents and other users alike that want to check out the newly released Parent’s Guide To Instagram, just head on to the Resources section of MIASA Malaysia’s official website right here and it will also be released on the Instagram Parents’ site soon. On top of that, you can also keep up with all things mental health over at MIASA Malaysia’s Instagram page.

(Images: Instagram / MIASMA.)

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