INSIDE Is Free Today On The Epic Games Store

The Epic Games Store usually gives free games away every week. Now, it is giving away a free game everyday until the end of the month. And the free game for today is INSIDE.


The game is, to describe it simply, a puzzle platformer. You play as an unnamed boy, exploring a 2.5D world. As the genre suggests, you’ll be making use of the environment and objects in it to overcome puzzles. All while avoiding the many bringers of death in the game, which can range from vicious dogs, to simply drowning.

In a sense, INSIDE can be considered the sequel to Limbo. Both are made by the same developer, Playdead. The former was released in 2016, with the latter being out all the way back in 2010. Conceptually, both games are also very similar. For instance, they are both puzzle platformers with a 2.5D, monochromatic world.

If you’ve played the older game and are looking for something similar, then its sequel will be perfect for you. As before, remember to claim INSIDE on the Epic Games Store before midnight of today. Tomorrow’s free game should be Darkest Dungeon, if the leak from before continues to be accurate.

(Source: EGS)

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