Govt should pay heed to advice from experts to tackle Covid-19 pandemic, says Lam Thye

PETALING JAYA: The government should pay heed to the suggestions and proposals from medical and other experts to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, says Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye.

The Alliance For Safe Community chairman said that while the government has been doing a good job under the trying circumstances, it should also take note of ideas from experts.

“The reporting methods must be reviewed, the testing enhanced, and enforcement of standard operating procedures (SOPs) further strengthened.

“The consistent flouters of SOPs must be dealt with severely.

“New thinking must be apparent in dealing with this global curse, ” Lee said in statement Saturday (Jan 9).

He said previously, many clusters were among foreign workers or workers living in cramped quarters, however, this is no longer the case as the nation is faced with community transmissions.

Lee said almost every other locality has been affected, some more than others.

He said while the Health Ministry must be lauded for its previous successes, its handling of the crisis has not been commensurate with the severity of the pandemic.

“Some experts in the field have suggested various alternative approaches that the Ministry could and should adopt, but the question remains, why is the Health Ministry rather reticent to accept these suggestions?

“For instance, it has been suggested that its daily reporting methods should change to give a truer picture of the scale of the pandemic and to tweak the response and revise the SOPs, ” he said.

Lee said there will be pros and cons to every measure taken but the government must decide on what to enforce, and be quick about it.

He said some valuable time has been lost and people must set aside politicking to avoid further delays.

“If it comes to a toss up between saving lives and supporting businesses, I think the choice is obvious.

“We can overcome economic meltdowns as we had a few times in the past through the judicious application of financial and other fiscal measures.

“But when life and limb are under threat, there is only one choice – save lives, ” he added.

Lee said while there will always be naysayers, criticism and bad publicity, the government must be steadfast in the face of such negativism.

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