Google lets Pixel users manage audio recordings via the web (VIDEO) | Tech/Gadgets

Pixel owners can use the web version of Google Recorder to manage and share sounds recorded with their smartphones. — Picture courtesy of Google

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SAN FRANCISCO, Mar 5 — Owners of Google’s Pixel smartphones have access to Google’s Recorder application for recording sounds, as well as transcribing audio recordings and doing some basic editing. Now, the app has a web version, allowing Pixel users to manage their library of audio recordings from any computer.

Audio recordings captured with a Pixel smartphone can now be accessed online at Once logged in to your Google account, it’s now possible to listen to, delete or share audio files from the Recorder app, from any computer.

The Recorder application integrates a function for automatically transcribing audio recordings to text format. For the moment, this function is only available in English, but the result is highly impressive. Above all, this makes it possible to search and locate words in audio recordings. Even more impressively, the application lets users cut and delete passages either manually, via the audio track, or by deleting text from the transcript.

For the time being, the web version is a little more limited, since it’s not yet possible to cut sounds, or even download a file to your computer. — ETX Studio

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