Gold miner’s body removed from rubble in cave

BAU: The body of a 25-year-old gold miner who was trapped in a cave at Gunung Tabai, Jalan Taiton here on Wednesday, was successfully removed today evening.

Bau Fire and Rescue Station chief Tawang Lingem said Martin @ Mat Tapa’s body was finally pulled out of the rubble at 4pm in the operation which had entered its third day today, and the process to bring the remains out of the tunnel ended at 6.22pm.

He said the victim’s body was then handed over to the police and sent to the Bau Hospital for further action.

Tawang said it was a high-risk mission, and he was relieved that the operation ended successfully without any untoward incidents.

The victim got trapped under a pile of rocks in the cave when he and two friends were mining gold in the cave on Wednesday.

The victim’s brother, Suut Tapa, 33, expressed his gratitude to the rescue team comprising firemen, police personnel, Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) officers and villagers who had worked hard to remove the victim’s body from the cave. — Bernama

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