Garena To Publish Tencent-Made Undawn In Southeast Asia

Late last month, Tencent Games unveiled Undawn, an open-world PvPvE shooter title for both PC and mobile. Since then, Garena has announced that it will be publishing the title in the Southeast Asia region. The game will get a proper release later this year, though no specific date was mentioned.


So what exactly is Undawn? From what little that has been shared, it’s another entry into the zombie apocalypse trope. As mentioned earlier, it’s an open-world PvPvE third-person shooter. So you can think of it as a sort of open-world version of Left 4 Dead. The open world part means mechanics like crafting and resource management, as well as base-building.

If you’ve ever been bombarded by ads for mobile games, the Undawn trailer will look very familiar. So it does give a similar impression: it would be nice if actual gameplay is like this. But because that’s not the case more often than not, ultimately we’ll have to watch actual gameplay footage to make a fair assessment. That could take awhile though, since the game is still in its pre-alpha stage.

On that note, you can sign up to be a pre-alpha tester too. You can do that, as well as find out more about the game, by heading to the Undawn microsite linked below.

(Source: Garena)

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