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Today’s junior high school students can no longer do without a smartphone. — Picture courtesy of dolgachov /

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug 20 — Just before their first term in junior high or secondary school is the moment parents often choose to buy children their first smartphone. When choosing a device to purchase, it is important to bear in mind that it will not only be used for making calls, but also as a source of entertainment and as a work tool. Fortunately, there are now plenty of options on the market that fulfil all of these criteria but remain relatively inexpensive.

To be suitable for children in the 11-to-15 age group, smartphones should fulfil certain simple but essential criteria.

Decent battery life

Young users spend an enormous amount of time on their phones, so it is important to choose a device with a reasonable battery life, which will as a minimum be enough to keep it going for a day on a single charge. 

Rugged construction and a bumper

Young users often have accidents with their phones, especially at school where they may be passed from hand to hand several times in one day. Ideally, you should choose a ruggedly built device, and it is essential to fit it with a good quality bumper.


When allocating a budget, it is important to bear in mind that young users can easily lose their smartphones or have them stolen. So inexpensive is a watchword, and very often secondhand or refurbished devices, which are guaranteed, can prove to be a good buy. Nowadays, there are many specialist websites and mainstream vendors with a wide range of models of this type. However, online secondhand phone sales between private individuals are best avoided. 

Consult to ensure it is a fun device

Certain details, which are not important to adults, can be very important to pre-teens and teenagers: For example the colour of a telephone or the type of headphones provided with it. So it goes without saying that to avoid disappointment the best policy is to choose a phone with your child. — AFP-Relaxnews

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