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While working from home, several applications can make your days more efficient. ― pic

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov 10 ― In several countries, governments are encouraging company employees to work remotely, whenever possible, to limit physical contacts in office spaces in order to reduce the spread of Covid-19. And there are a multitude of apps available online for any browser and/or smartphone that are becoming part of many of these home office workers’ everyday lives, whether for simplifying professional communication among colleagues, organising video meetings or sharing important documents.


If it wasn’t already part of one’s set-up, this software became a must-have for many during the lockdowns taking place at the beginning of the year and is now a staple for home office workers. This collaborative application allows users to keep in contact with every employee from one’s company and works as both instant messaging application (direct messages or in group) and a tool for sharing documents. Also note that Slack is compatible with a slew of other applications (Google Calendar, Zoom…) which can be integrated into the app.

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Google Drive

With Drive, Google offers a handy tool, for private individuals and professionals alike to stock and share files and documents with the contacts of your choice. In a company ecosystem, it allows several people to work on the same documents simultaneously, to modify them and validate them from one’s computer, smartphone or tablet.

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Destined to be known in history as 2020’s star application, thanks to Zoom video-conferencing has become mainstream. It allows anyone to organize conferences from home and up to 100 participants can take part. Making it an easy go-to for everyone is the fact that you don’t need to have the application installed to use it, nor do you need an account, a connection link will simply suffice.

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Microsoft To Do

To organize your days, especially when working alone from home, it is always better to have a set of to-do lists. Microsoft To Do (ex-Wunderlist) focuses on managing these tasks. Thanks to this application, you can create, modify and follow the evolution of several thematic task lists. You can also program reminders.

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Evernote is a leading application in notetaking. From simple texts to videos, vocal memos, photos or Web pages, every type of document can be recorded online for future reference. The application allows you to sort your notes with labels and to share documents with your contacts.

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