Engineer Constructs Giant, Fully-Functioning Nintendo Switch For Chairty

The Nintendo Switch has been around for nearly four years and while many love its portable and compact design, there are also people who have wished that it was just that much bigger. In the case of one engineer, he decided to take matters into his own hands and “gigantify” the console.


The big-minded engineer here is Michael Pick and to be clear, Pick took the original design of the Switch and essentially upsized the console by a factor of 650. The end result is a console of epically comical proportions. The good news though, is that everything works, from the buttons and triggers, all down to the massive joysticks.

The display is, unsurprisingly, a 4K TV, but given the limitations of the current Switch, the maximum output resolution is limited to just Full HD.

As you can also guess, Park’s giant Switch is heavy, weighing in just of 30kg, so lugging it around is clearly not an option. On another note, Park clearly wasn’t looking to make a profit or anything from the giant console and to that end, he donated the plus-sized “portable’ gaming machine to a children’s hospital. Where he said the kids loved it.

You can check out Park’s journey at building the giant Switch from scratch in the video above and for the record, he’s also hinted at another project, where he plans on the next build “bigger”.

(Source: Michael Park via YouTube, Nerdist, IGN)

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