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Collab has only launched on the US App Store for the time being. — Picture courtesy of Facebook

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec 17 — First launched in beta earlier this year, Facebook’s Collab mobile application is now available on iOS to anyone in the US, allowing friends and bandmates to put short music videos together and syncing up the sequences.

Collab is a tool that promises users the ability to create music video clips from anywhere and with anyone.

While this application can be used by any web user, musicians may find it particularly practical.

The idea is to be able to collaborate on your production with several people, with three distinct videos but which are played in unison.

Just like the loops that make TikTok a success, each sequence cannot exceed 15 seconds.

 he idea is to play these videos in a synchronized way, ideally a singer and two musicians.

At any time, it is possible to swipe one of the three videos and scroll in order to replace it by another, until the perfect mashup is found.

This can result in perfectly matched sequences.

It is also possible to record your own clips and share them with the Facebook community. The more contributors record sequences, the more possibilities there will be.

After having launched its Instagram Reels, “aging” social network Facebook is trying to woo younger generations with this playful app that offers many musical possibilities.

Note that Collab launched only in the USA and is only accessible via the App Store (iOS) for the moment.

The rest of the world and non-Apple users will have to wait a little while to try it out. — AFP-Relaxnews

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