Catch these six exciting videogame Kickstarters (VIDEO)

Swiss pen pal Sarah changes messages and herself in ‘Letters.’ — Picture courtesy of 5AM Games
Swiss pen pal Sarah changes messages and herself in ‘Letters.’ — Picture courtesy of 5AM Games

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct 23 — Last chance to back fox cub rescue This Dead Winter and retro platformer Demons of Asteborg before their campaigns close on Friday, while the utterly charming Letters launches Tuesday with a casual-friendly story about pen pals and word puns.

Also in this week’s round-up: wild Cthulhu-oriented battler Sacrifice Your Friends, super-enthusiastic throwback Other: Her Loving Embrace, and slick sci-fi shooter Everspace 2.

This Dead Winter (Ends: October 25)
PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC

A little like well-received recent indie release The Long Return, you play an animal looking for its lost cub as seasonal changes sweep over a mysterious valley. Plenty of exploration and then, once new abilities are attained, doubling back to go over and beyond old tracks. US$19 for the basic game and full release anticipated for late 2020.

Demons of Asteborg (Ends: October 25)
PC, Switch, Mega Drive / Genesis

Hack and slash side-on action game that names Ghouls’n Ghosts, Castlevania, Mickey Mania, Space Harrier and Panzer Dragoon among its direct influences. US$11 (RM46.11) for the Switch or PC version, US$16 for a Sega file, US$45 for a cartridge, due August 2020.

Sacrifice Your Friends (Ends: October 28)
PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC

A cartoon-style fighting game where up to four friends / fiends do battle in arenas inspired by the writing of HP Lovecraft.

That means cuddly but powerful creatures, dynamically changing environments, and a host of game modes (including single player challenges).

Closed beta starts October 31, release anticipated March 2020 on PC, late 2020 on console. US$15 for the basic game tier.

Other: Her Loving Embrace (Ends: November 2)
PC, Mac (consoles TBA)

With Earthbound and Final Fantasy obvious touchstones, as well as more modern retro homages like Cave Story and Undertale, there’s an emphasis on discovery, puzzle solving and frantic combat in this role-playing adventure. US$15 to back at base game level, with a free demo available on

Everspace 2 (ends: November 4)
PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows, Mac, Linux

The original Everspace went down a treat, and this open-world space shooter sequel brings even more control options, AI sophistication, ships, and locations, plus loads of loot, levels, secrets, and aliens. Backers’ alpha and betas begin April and July, Early Access on PC in September 2020, full release in late 2021, and console versions in early 2022. US$33 for just the game.

Letters (ends: November 21)
Mac, PC

As Swiss pen pal Sarah, move words around to complete letters and chat messages, solving riddles along the way. A nostalgic adventure, around three hours in length — but with a replayable, branching story — and especially well-suited to those looking for a bit of casual word-based play or to develop their English-language skills. US$14, with the finished game expected February 2021, and a demo available now from Steam and Itch. — AFP-Relaxnews

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