Apple’s newest macOS finally brings support for 4K Netflix streaming | Tech/Gadgets

The latest macOS announced at Apple’s WWDC 2020 brings with it an updated version of Safari that supports 4K video. — Picture courtesy of Apple

CUPERTINO, June 30 — When macOS Big Sur launches later this year, Apple computer owners will finally be able to watch Netflix in 4K HDR.

When Big Sur — the 11th iteration of Apple’s Mac computer operating system — launches this fall, a new version of the brand’s web browser Safari will be released along with it. Some of its new features can be previewed and sampled now when a user downloads the beta version of the operating system.

A welcome new addition to the browser is its ability to stream 4K and Dolby Vision content, which means that people using Apple computers will now be able to stream Netflix content in its highest available quality, an ability that iPhone owners will also be gaining when iOS 14 launches.

Previously, Mac owners could only watch Netflix with 1080p resolution simply because their hardware didn’t support the HEVC codec that the streaming platform uses; though the newest devices (from 2018 or more recent) support this tech, the company neglected to update Safari to support it as well. With the Big Sur beta and new iteration of the browser, however, Netflix subscribers can finally enjoy their content in 4K.

While Big Sur was announced earlier this month, the final, public version of the operating system isn’t expected to be available for download until this fall alongside iOS 14. — AFP-Relaxnews

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