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Nightware works by monitoring the user’s heart rate and body movement while sleeping. ― Picture via SoyaCincau

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 10 ― The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that they have approved an app called Nightware. It aims to help those suffering from nightmares due to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

“Sleep is an essential part of a person’s daily routine. However, certain adults who have a nightmare disorder or who experience nightmares from PTSD are not able to get the rest they need. Today’s authorisation offers a new, low-risk treatment option that uses digital technology in an effort to provide temporary relief from sleep disturbance related to nightmares,” said Carlos Peña, director of the Office of Neurological and Physical Medicine Devices in the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health.

Nightware works by monitoring the user’s heart rate and body movement while sleeping. The data is then sent to a server where it is compared to a baseline sleep profile, based on algorithms. If the app detects that a user is having a nightmare, the Apple Watch will send vibrations to try and disrupt it.

According to the FDA, Nightware was studied in a 30-day randomised, sham-controlled trial of 70 patients. The study showed improvement on the sleep scales, and the evidence demonstrated the probable benefits outweighed the probable risks.

However, FDA stressed that the Apple Watch app is not a standalone therapy for PTSD. Those who are more prone to sleepwalking or performing acts of violence during sleep should not use the app either.

“The device should be used in conjunction with prescribed medications for PTSD and other recommended therapies for PTSD-associated nightmares and nightmare disorder,” said the FDA.

The Apple Watch is pretty helpful even without being able to get rid of nightmares. The Series 6 has a new heart rate sensor which measures blood oxygen levels. A Series 4 and later even has fall detection — which can help you contact emergency services if you had a hard fall.

There was even a study that was conducted about how the Apple Watch might help detect Covid-19. But for now, the results remain unclear. ― SoyaCincau

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