Annuar claims he, four others knew of Zahid’s alleged support letter for Anwar earlier but chose to keep quiet | Malaysia

Tan Sri Annuar Musa speaks during a press conference in Putrajaya January 6, 2021. — Picture by Shafwan Zaidon

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 11 — Sacked Barisan Nasional (BN) secretary-general Tan Sri Annuar Musa today admitted to knowing about an alleged support letter by the Umno president for Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim from before.

However, he said he and four others who knew decided to not speak out, fearing repercussions to Umno.

“Many knew about it because that letter, the first time I saw the letter, I was told that there are four senior leaders who saw that letter which was shown. In fact, I was not the first to see the letter and learning about the existence of such a letter. I was the fifth person.

“They voiced out among themselves and later that night, we met and we discussed it. We were worried if the letter would become an issue at that time and may possibly be bad for the party. So between two huge disasters, we felt we have to avoid something bad from happening in the party, and so we decided to not make it an issue at that time.

“Because we felt that the importance of the party is greater,” he said in an interview tonight.

Annuar said he chose to reveal the letter in his no-holds-barred press conference last week as he needed to explain what caused the rift between him and his Umno leaders.

He previously accused Umno president Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi of colluding with PKR president Anwar and the DAP, to topple the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government. 

Annuar disclosed that he was aware of several instances involving Ahmad Zahid conspiring with external factions not aligned with the decisions made by the party’s supreme council.

He claimed Ahmad Zahid has given a “black and white” offer of support to Anwar, in the latter’s bid to topple the PN government and held negotiations with DAP to form a “political alignment” without the knowledge of Umno MPs.

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