Alleged Intel Rocket Lake-S CPU Hit 6.9GHz With Liquid Nitrogen

Intel’s announcement of its next-generation Rocket Lake-S desktop CPUs will be coming any day now (read: CES 2021). On a somewhat related note, extreme overclocker VWorld (@PttpcWorld) decided to give the world a glimpse of one of the processor’s prowess.


We say “one of” of the processor, primarily because the tweets are practically devoid of any tangible information; VWorld doesn’t say which CPU they’re overclocking, but for what it’s worth, there are some details that we can pick out.

In the two clips they posted on Twitter, we can see the 11th Generation CPU being pushed to a baffling 6.92GHz, while the other shows him pushing the processor to the slightly lower, yet devilish 6666.66MHz. In regards to the latter, the system that they are using is running on 8GB RAM, a 113.5MHz bus speed, and a 61X multiplier. Oh, and if their hashtags wasn’t obvious, the motherboard being used in the exercise is an unnamed Z590 model.

In fairness, this isn’t the first time Intel has used extreme overclocking as a marketing tool, and with VWorld’s posts, it’s clearly not the last time it’ll be pulling off such a stunt. Of course, pushing a CPU that is still running on a 14nm process node to such insane speeds does earn Intel some bragging rights, even if it is getting by in age.

14nm die lithography notwithstanding, we already know what to expect from Intel’s 11th Generation CPU lineup; not only are we getting a “new” architecture, the lineup will also put Intel on to the PCIe 4.0 bandwagon, bringing it somewhat up to par with its rival, AMD, and its respective Ryzen CPUs.

(Source: VWorld via Twitter, Techspot)

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