AirAsia App Can Now Provides Nutritional Advice Based On Your Food Pics

AirAsia app has now been updated with a new feature that dispenses nutritional and dietary advice based on the pictures of your food. Called the Naluri Food Journal, the mini-app claims to feature expert advice from registered dietitians.

How it works is, you take a picture of your food through the mini-app or upload an existing one from your camera roll. Then you tell the app what you ate and the time of the meal, and it gives you a quick diet and nutrition rating. Sometime later, a dietitian will contact you via the app itself with personalised nutritional advice.

The underlying services behind the new feature are developed by Naluri, a digital health startup which gives personalised coaching to help people achieve their health goals.

“We know that if people want to get healthier, they’re four times more likely to achieve their health goals if they have professional support, but that’s expensive. Naluri democratizes access to these services, so that everyone can have coaches, literally in their pocket!” said Naluri co-founder and CEO Azran Osman-Rani who has previously spent some time at AirAsia X and iflix as their CEO.

At the moment, the Naluri Food Journal can currently be accessed for free by all users of AirAsia app but the media release from the company urged users to get the mini-app for “FREE for a limited time”, perhaps suggesting charges may be involved in the future.

With its planes grounded, AirAsia has focused most of its attention on growing its super app, introducing features such as chat and communities. E-hailing may also soon appear on the platform with company boss Tony Fernandes confirming plans to enter the business.

(Source: AirAsia. Images: AirAsia / Facebook.)

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