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The Enduro line offers power, flexibility and survivability in environments that are tough on gadgets. — Picture courtesy of Acer

KUALA LUMPUR, June 24 — Acer recently announced new laptops as well as a gaming chair but one new product of note is its rugged line of notebooks and tablets.

The Enduro series offers machines that are up to the task of being used in the outdoors and seem geared towards professions that require machines in the wilderness. Think manufacturing, construction as well as first responders.

What models are available? There’s the top-of-the line Enduro N7 that allows for a hot-swappable battery, the Enduro N3 with a battery made to last all day and more portable T1 and T5 tablets, with the first being designed to be used with gloves.

Big and tough

The Enduro N7 has two batteries, one built-in and another 10-hour hot-swappable battery. The 700-nit, 14-inch screen is bright enough for daily use but what impresses is its ability to handle drops as well as dust and water.

As for the specs, Acer has equipped these units with quad-core 8th gen Intel i5 processors and secures it with both a fingerprint sensor alongside Acer’s own Trusted Platform Module that will detect signs of intrusion.

A more portable version would be the 1.985kg Enduro N3 that even comes with a Corning Gorilla Glass screen that is water-resistant but the 13-hour battery will be of particular interest to those who need laptops with more endurance.

As for the tablets, the T5 is a rugged Windows 10-incher running on a 7th-gen Intel Core M3 and is targeted at manufacturing and logistics workers, though any industry working in the outdoors could find it useful.

The lower spec Enduro T1 is a more compact 8-inch Android tablet running on Celeron chips that Acer is targeting to warehouse, factory and smart retail workers.

With that in mind, the tablet is designed to be usable with gloves, an accessory often used in those environments.

Pricing and availability in Malaysia for the whole Enduro line has yet to be announced though it has been confirmed that the Enduro N3 will retail for US$899 (RM3,841) in North America in August, and later coming to the EMEA regions in June with prices starting from €999.

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