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Dimpy Bhalotia’s photo (left) and Saif Hussain’s own (right) are just two of the many stunning entries. — Picture courtesy of Apple/IPPAWARDS

KUALA LUMPUR, July 26 — While Apple’s own iPhone photography challenge produces a lot of memorable images, the independently-run iPhone Photography Awards (IPPAWARDS) are rightly called the “Oscars” of mobile phone photography.

Running into its 13th year, the awards showcase a wide range of images in various categories and what is most interesting is the winners do not necessarily own the latest iPhones.

There are even photographers using phones as old as the iPhone 6 and in case you’re wondering, the judges make a point of asking for proof of a photo being taken with an iPhone should any doubt arise.

Photographers have 18 categories they can submit photos for, namely: abstract, animals, architecture, children, city life, environment, landscape, lifestyle, nature, panorama, people, portrait, series (three images), still life, sunset, travel, trees and the miscellaneous ‘other’.

While there is an entry fee to join the competition, the fees are fairly low making the cost not too much of a barrier to entry, with it being just US$5.50 (RM23.50) to submit one photo and a slight discount for bulk entries.

The site does, however, advise contestants to only send in their best work.

What’s in it for the winners?

As for prizes, there is one grand prize all entries are considered for, which is the IPPA Photographer of the Year Award title with the top three winners receiving a prize that will be revealed later.

Each first prize winner in each separate category will win a gold bar, with the second and third place winners receiving a palladium bar.

Dimpy Bhalotia won this year’s grand prize with her photo entitled Flying Boys that captured the spirited play of young boys playing, caught mid-jump.

The whole list of winning photographers and their entries can be seen here.

 Next year’s deadline is March 2021 so if you’re up for the challenge, just head on to the IPPAWARDS website at https://www.ippawards.com/

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